Our Process

We have developed a process to ensure your wants and needs are prioritized. We want to hear your story and learn what is important to you. We may be the benefits and financial experts; however, you are the expert on you. Therefore, we will build strategies to ensure you are financially prepared for what lies ahead. All appointments can be made in person or virtually.

Introductory Meeting – 15 minute phone call

Our goal is to understand your current financial and family circumstances and discover potential areas for improvement. You will learn more about us and how we can help you. Both parties must feel comfortable for the relationship to be a good long-term fit.

Benefit and Financial Data Gathering

This involves gathering data about your specific retirement system, financial goals, and anticipated milestones. We accomplish this through a tool specifically designed to clarify and optimize the benefits for federal employees. We will walk you through the process to ensure we have accurately captured your individual situation.

Federal Benefits Report and Analysis

In this meeting, we will provide you with your Federal Benefits Report. Every facet of your federal benefits is covered in detail. We will develop custom-built strategies and recommend actions that align with your financial and retirement goals.

Implement Strategies

We take the recommended actions you approve and put them into motion. Then, we’ll outline how to implement each recommendation and who is responsible for implementing each. We may not accomplish this in one meeting but rather a series of meetings.

Annual Reviews

Here is where we celebrate your successes over the past year and review them to ensure we stay aligned with your life and goals. If you believe you need a review sooner, please get in touch with us.

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