Our Philosophy

We are Federal Employee Benefits Professionals, and our philosophy is simple. You took an oath to fulfill your mission as a federal employee performing important work for the American people, our commitment to you is this:

As a retired federal employee-owned business, we understand where you are coming from.
We have been in your shoes and value the opportunity to walk alongside someone who is working towards or has earned their benefits. We want to help you maximize and enjoy those benefits.

Your financial journey is unique.
We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions or push you toward specific investment products. We are an independent firm, and we are wholly committed to putting you first. We customize each financial strategy to align with your financial goals and objectives.

We promise personalized service.
You’ll deal directly with Mike or Angie, not with an unknown voice or person. Our approach to client service ensures we work with the correct number of clients to optimize each interaction—no need to worry about multiple transfers during a call or a constantly rotating customer service department. You’re not just a number or another name in a database.

We are independent financial professionals.
We are not captive to any one company or institution and have no proprietary products we must sell, no quotas to meet, and no loyalty to anyone but our clients. We have access to multiple companies through our partnerships, creating solutions to offer you financial options.

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